About Me

First and foremost I’d just like to say I’m pretty much a huge nerd. I can be pretty goofy. It may not seem that way when you first meet me, especially cuz I look like a serious person but once you get to know me I’m told I can be fairly strange. I love tech and music. Those are my two biggest passions. I’ve been playing the drums for about 10 years and am always up to try new wierd and unheard of things. I think my perfect job would to be one of those hosts on The Discovery or History Channel where they travel everywhere just to try/learn/eat new things.

I miss writing. AND seeing how user generated content is “powering” the whole Web2.0 phenomenom, I said what the hell. Let me in. I can report/review/be a smart-ass with the best of them. So here’s what you can expect….

– This will NOT be like a Xanga (those of you who are laughing, well…I love you already) I won’t cover too much of my personal life, well…. because frankly it’s not that intersting. Unless I get to be a well-respected in the “industry” such as John C Dvorak, Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton, Morgan Webb, Leo Laporte, etc… I really don’t think anyone will care.

– I’ll probably be covering new things I find exciting. If you’ve read my About section, you know what those thing are.


One response

28 02 2009
Michael Tim

I love your site!

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